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Crossfit (group activity)

It is a whole body program that shapes the form and strength of your entire body. All over the world, it is practiced by both professional athletes, retired and moms who want to get back into shape after pregnancy. The main premise of this training is to achieve better shape in ten different physical areas. These include: cardio-respiratory capacity, endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.
Duration: 45min Price:50PLN


It's a four minute interval metabolic training that evenly engages as much of our body's muscles as it is possible. This will "speed up" the metabolism and accelerate the burning of adipose tissue. Exercises done 2 or 3 times a week in a quick time allow you to reach the top of your personal form.
Duration: 45min Price:50PLN

Latinofit(group activity)

Cardio-type training, for all those who primarily want to look after their health, appearance and physical condition. Hot rhythms and energy that bring out the real element of femininity. The classes are based on interesting choreographies, thanks to which you can improve your physical condition and slim figure, while learning at the same time the elements of hot latin rhythms dance.
Duration: 45min Price:50PLN


This is a form of endurance activities performed in water on special bicycles. The group work-out is accompanied by dynamic music, which strengthens the motivation of the participants. HydroCycling is an original, versatile, water-based training program that improves physical fitness and helps to burn fat /600 to 1200 kcal per workout/. Different types of activities, depending on the average age of the group or the appropriate dispersion of the group, make the activity accessible to everyone according to the needs.
Duration: 30min Price:30PLN

Aquaareobic(group activity)

Aqua aerobics are exercises in the water in the form of simple aerobics-like choreography. All muscle groups are involved, but the exercises are very safe and effective.
Duration: 30min Price:30PLN

Nordic Walking Individual activity

Nordic Walking is currently one of the fastest enthusiast-gaining mass sports as well in Europe as in the whole world. It is an ideal form of outdoor activity. During the march, over 90% of your muscles work. Walking with sticks is up to 40 percent more effective than without them.
Duration: 60min Price:50PLN

Nordic Walking Grupowo

Duration: 60min Price:30PLN

Healthy back(group activity)

It's a block of exercises for the disease prevention and treatment of motion sickness. The entire block consists of a number of specialized exercises, sometimes with the use of equipment. Activities minimize the effects of overload on the motion system, flex the muscles and reduce their tension and improve the stability of the spine and peripheral joints. These excersises are intended not only for people with problems and for older people, but for everyone who wants to improve and strengthen the motion organs.
Duration: 45min Price:50PLN

Individual activity with personal trainer

Duration: 45min Price:75PLN
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