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Kormoran Wellness Medical SPA

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There is such place

Sea, lake and river - relaxation, health and vitality. In a place where the healing and soothing effects of water create a calm and peaceful arear, we have built Kormoran Wellness Medical Spa - a family-run facility with many years of tradition.

Nature a step ahead

Kormoran Wellenes Medical SPA znajduje się w małej, zacisznej wsi Rowy. Niezwykłość tego miejsca to położenie - między wodami, a zielenią Słowńskiego Parku Narodowego. Uczymy jak żyć zdrowo, a przy tym zachować wewnętrzną harmonię.

Exceptional location

Wide, clean beaches, high cliffs and moving sand dunes create in this place a unique landscape - just as it was created to take a deep rest. The nearby biosphere reserve abounds in an unprecedented variety of animal species, and clean, rich in iodine air, has invaluable healing properties.

Wellness Life Balance

This is the calming down your mind, physical activity and healthy eating in one place. Change your lifestyle with us and join our Wellness Life Balance programme. It helps you find your inner balance and learn how to care for your body. Healthy diet can go hand in hand with great taste, and wellness cuisine is the best proof of it. You do not have to be an athlete, you do not have to be fit, move with us! This is the best way to start your adventure with movement. Come to Kormoran - join us!
Zobacz proponowane aktywności

Child's world

In concern of the health and proper development of the youngest guests
Our Wellness Live Balance philosophy encourages the physical activity of our youngest visitors. Whilst taking advantage of the pure nature surrounding us, traditional hotel nanny animation was replaced by physical activity under the supervision of therapists.

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